Our mission:

“Creating an optimal cycle of recycling and to maintain it.”
Marc Uphoff, Management
River in nature

Close cycles with us

As a family-owned company, Reiling decided more than a century ago that it was going to collect recyclable materials and recycle them efficiently. This is our important contribution to environmental and climate protection since natural resources can be conserved and an optimal recycling chain created. We are recycling experts, committed to creating an optimised cycle. We are primarily a partner to industry, municipalities, trade, commerce, and dual systems. We support our partners across the entire range from collection, transport, and processing to delivery of high-quality recyclates. We are constantly developing new utilisation and recycling possibilities with innovative techniques and our own know-how.

Headquarter Marienfeld

Cooperative. Sustainable. Successful.

Our partners appreciate our many years of experience as well as our comprehensive service. We mainly serve industry, municipalities, trade, and commerce as well as dual systems. We provide support from collection and transport to processing and delivery of high-quality recyclates. Starting out as a simple raw materials trading business, our company grew to be one of the main glass recycling specialists in Germany in the 1950s. Today – in the 4th generation – Reiling presents itself as a large group of companies with twelve German and six international sites. Despite of this, we have never ceased to be a typical family-owned business. We are proud of this! In spite of all development, our main driving factor still is our commitment and dedication to the common cause! This is what REILING stands for every day!


Reiling – close cycles with us! Put your trust in a partner that has been setting standards in recycling of raw materials for more than a century. Our daily work is determined by our demands to ourselves. Our results speak a clear language!

Hollow glass from an industrial collection

Glass recycling

We are one of the market leaders in the field of glass recycling across Europe. We offer the glass manufacturing industry best cullet quality. This is, after all, the only way to ensure highest possible recyclability in the glass melt. We are there wherever you need us as a partner of dual systems, municipalities, industry, and commerce! In addition to container placement, we provide regular collection or even pick-ups just-in-time!

PET bottles/one-way returnable bottles

PET recycling

Efficient recycling starts when the consumer disposes of a PET bottle. Our technical facilities meet the latest standards and guarantee efficient treatment in a multi-stage process. This forms the basis for diverse usage options for the produced recyclate. In addition to blending in the production of new PET bottles, the granules are also used in the manufacture of polyester fibres as well as in film applications or packaging tapes.

PV modules after the initial treatment

Photovoltaics - Testing for reuse & recycling

Our convenient all-round recycling solution for disused photovoltaic modules is equally interesting for PV module manufacturers, solar park operators, EPCs, installers, businesses, dealers and collection systems. Because Reiling supports you as needed with testing for reuse and/or with the legally compliant collection and recycling of your PV modules. With more than fifteen years of experience in photovoltaic recycling, Reiling dedicates itself to this task with great commitment and the highest level of professional know-how.

Input product waste wood

Wood recycling

From untreated scrap wood such as wood waste or disposable pallets (Cat. A I) to particularly strongly contaminated scrap wood such as railroad sleepers or rustic fences (Cat. A IV): Reiling helps you dispose of your waste wood and prepares it for various uses by innovative techniques and the strictest controls. Our waste wood comes from a variety of sources; from industry to collections such as bulky waste, to construction and removal companies as well as private deliveries.

Exhibition announcement Solar Solutions International
Tue, 31. January 2023

Messetermin: Solar Solutions International vom 14.03. bis 16.03.2023 in Amsterdam

Wir sind in diesem Jahr erstmalig als Aussteller auf der Solar Solutions International im Expo Greater Amsterdam. Die größte Fachmesse für Solarenergie in Nordwesteuropa findet vom 14.03.-16.03.2023 statt. An Stand H23.3 informieren und beraten wir Sie gerne zu den Themen Photovoltaik Recycling und Prüfung zur Wiederverwendung Ihrer gebrauchten PV-Module.

Sichern Sie sich jetzt über uns Ihr kostenloses Messeticket & besuchen Sie uns an Stand H23.3: https://en.solarsolutions.nl/partner/REILING/

Mit über 500 Neuheiten und 100 Praxisseminaren zu den neusten Entwicklungen bei Energiespeichern, intelligenten Produkten und einem immer breiter werdenden Angebot an Solarmodulen und verwandten Services bietet die Fachmesse die Möglichkeit, sich auf dem schnell verändernden Markt auf dem Laufenden zu halten.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!

Exhibition Gorinchem Nov. 2022
Fri, 07. October 2022

Messetermin: Messe Recycling 15.-17. November 2022 in Gorinchem

Die Messe Recycling Gorinchem ist eine Fachmesse für die Recycling-Industrie. Zahlreiche Aussteller präsentieren sich auf der Recycling Messe Gorinchem getreu dem Motto "Vom Abfall zum Rohstoff" und stellen ihre Produkte, Dienstleistungen und innovativen Technologien aus den Bereichen Sammlung, Sortierung, Behandlung, Verarbeitung, Verwertung und Wiederverwendung von Abfällen als Rohstoffe vor. Wir stehen Rede und Antwort rund um das Thema Recycling von Flach- und Hohlglas. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!

New windows for Audi Q4 e-tron made from defective car glass
Mon, 25. April 2022

Pilotprojekt: Neue Scheiben für Audi Q4 e-tron aus defektem Autoglas

Gemeinsam mit den beiden weiteren Partnerunternehmen Saint-Gobain Glass und Saint-Gobain Sekurit des Automobilherstellers Audi stellen wir uns im Rahmen eines einjährigen Pilotprojektes gemeinsam der Herausforderung, einen geschlossenen Materialkreislauf für nicht reparierbaresAutoglas zu etablieren und leisten somit Pionierarbeit.

Inter Solar Fair May 11-13
Thu, 14. April 2022

Messetermin: Intersolar Europe 11.-13.Mai 2022 in München

Wir sind auf der diesjährigen Intersolar Europe in München mit einem Messestand vertreten - Die weltweit führende Fachmesse der SOLARWIRTSCHAFT.

Certified disposal security for our customers

Highest quality and service standards! We apply quality management methods on all levels of our organisation in order to continuously develop and improve the collection, recovery, and recycling of raw materials. As a result, we keep putting ourselves to the test, working to develop potential for improvement and to build on our strengths. The benchmark for our actions is our motto: Reiling closes cycles! Sustainable success with certifications! We regularly put the overall organisation of our company to the test in various external reviews for our certifications. Across all sites, our focus is not only on our services as a recycling company, but also on our qualities as an employer.

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Zertifiziert von der DEKRA
Zertifiziert von der DEKRA
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