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Industrial waste | clearing out

Uniquely versatile.

We take care of the proper disposal of industrial waste. As a certified disposal specialist in accordance with § 56 of the Recycling Law we collect industrial waste from:

  • Small trading companies.
  • Service Industry
  • Trade
  • Public facilities
  • Commercial and industrial companies
  • Private customers
  • Municipalities

We sort and take care of an efficient and low cost recovery. The aim is to achieve the best possible value creation and to continually optimize it.

  • Paper of any kind
  • Plastic foil
  • Glass
  • Rigid plastics
  • Old PVC window frames with or without glass
  • Old window blinds
  • Wooden window frames with or without glass
  • Old wood
  • Green waste
  • Building rubble and soil
  • Etc.

We are partners of municipalities and the recycling industry. With our own modern fleet of purpose designed vehicles we organise the collection as well as container and collection systems.

In addition, we offer our customers both the marketing of their valuable goods as well as a mature transportation logistic in local and long-distance transport. 

We also clear up junk as another of our business topics. This includes all types of junk such as:

  • Household belongings
  • Cellars and garages
  • Business equipment
  • Insolvency equipment from private and commercial customers.

We can offer you, an all round service to make the removal of your property or household junk as uncomplicated as possible. With our professional staff we clean houses, apartments and archives.   The junk collected by us will be correctly and environment friendly sorted and passed on to the relevant recycling companies.  

Take advantage of our Know-How and the security of a certified and constantly optimized service. Our service is proven and flexible.

Together we will develop the best recycling solution tailored to your requirements.  We are also happy to advise you on other disposal questions. Just call us.


Plant for industrial waste and urban cleaning:

Reiling MS-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
Hessenbusch 180
D-48157 Münster 


Mail: muenster@reiling.de

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