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Paper recycling

The professionals for papers! 

The professionals for paper! Whether newspapers, paper bags, packaging or boxes: we collect, sort and process all conventional types of paper.

We work together with local authorities and the recycling industry. With our own modern fleet of trucks we collect from the curbside and provide containers. We also service commercial firms and pick up collected material on call or at fixed times. We would be glad to provide suitable containers for your needs. You collect it, we pick it up!


We collect:

  • household-related paper waste
  • waste from department stores, mainly boxes
  • mixed paper, i.e. all grades of paper
  • all types of printed packaging
End products

The end product are bales of paper which have been compressed.




Plant for paper:

Reiling MS-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
Hessenbusch 180
D-48157 Münster 


Mail: muenster@reiling.de

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