Glass recycling: Photovoltaic

The environmentally-sound collection of disused photovoltaic modules and recovery of the valuable components they contain is one of the challenges for the future. We are addressing this task with a great deal of commitment and experience.

New approaches are needed to separate all the components of photovoltaic modules correctly. We ensure that the raw materials recovered in our treatment plants are re-used for high-quality, new products.


End products
Glass is the main component of many photovoltaic modules and therefore the main secondary raw material recovered. But other raw materials from the old modules are also optimally recycled. We recover rare metals of which the Earth has only a limited supply and reintegrate these into the material cycle.

Our end products meet strict requirements in terms of purity, colour and all other quality characteristics. We ensure this through:

  • the outstanding expertise of our employees
  • the high technical standards of our treatment facilities
  • close cooperation with the glass industry



Plant for photovoltaic:

Reiling Glas Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
Bussemasstraße 49
D-33428 Marienfeld                                                         


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